Where do I register?

Click here to submit your details and sign up for #PawfectMatch.

How does me registering help?

We are creating a nationwide registry of people interested in adopting, fostering, volunteering and donating for pets. This will help partner organisations have a ready list of people for when they have supply and not enough demand and outreach avenues.

I’ve registered, what happens next?

Tinder will share your information with their partner organisations (see here for a full list). Our partners will then reach out to you when they need your help, basis what preference you have indicated in the form. (adoption, foster, sponsor or volunteer).

Can I reach out to the partner organisations myself?

Sure thing! Click here to see a full list of our partners and visit their websites.

None of the partners are in my city, how can I help?

All our partner organisations have a solid nationwide network, feel free to reach out to any of them for where to go locally.

Where will my contact details be shared?

They will be shared with our partner organisations for the intended purpose of a list of people interested in adopting, fostering, sponsoring or volunteering.

I’m an organisation working in animal welfare and would like to also be a partner.

Thank you for the work you do, please write to us at pawfectmatch@tinder.com so we can make it happen!

I’m not interested anymore, what do I do?

Hopefully, it’s because you adopted already. Reach out directly to the organisation to update your preference.